We work with you to identify the real problem or opportunity, develop and implement your strategy, coach your team and / or partner with you as your coach. We always start with an assessment that helps us quickly understand where you are now, the problems or opportunities you face, the progress you have made on your journey and related strengths, successes and gaps. Then we help you determine where you want to go and why so that we can support you in defining your action plan and the way you'll hold yourself and your team accountable. Lastly, we support your implementation so that you get real results.




Whether we are facilitating strategic management with you and your team, coaching you as an individual leader or coaching your leadership team, we always start with an assessment to help you set your baseline. This ensures that your strategy, action plans and your first implementation step align with where you want to go. This dramatically eliminates the gap between the now and the plan and significantly improves your probability of executing successfully. Without knowing exactly where you are now, how can you create a plan that sticks? How would you measure progress and success?


Strategic Management


As we work with mid-sized businesses or departments of large organizations, we use a simplified strategic planning process that ties in strategic planning, action planning and monitoring results. This methodology allows you to be the experts in your field while we guide you through the fundamental elements of strategic management. We see you through planning and implementation.

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Team Coaching


We use the Team Diagnostics™ Model and can assess team performance from multiple views. We then help the team develop a plan to become a world class, sustainable team and monitor its results.


Leadership Coaching


Our associate coaches are graduates from a variety of International Coach Federation coach certification programs. Although each coach has their preferred methodologies, fundamentally they all include an outcomes based approach with linkages to emotional and brain based coaching.