The Leaders' Kitchen Story

At The Leaders’ Kitchen, a bilingual strategic management firm, we’re passionate about helping people grow and produce real results for themselves and for their businesses. Marguerite LeBlanc founded LeBlanc and Associates Coaching in 2007 then renamed the company The Leaders’ Kitchen Inc. in 2011. For more than 6 years, we have worked with many organizations in finance, engineering, instrumentation, electrical contracting, construction, and with companies that provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services.

We developed and implemented strategic initiatives for more than 15 years before that. We’ve been coaching teams and leaders almost as long. We facilitate and coach in English and in French in North America.


At The Leaders’ Kitchen the simple mission we live by is: “Live BIG so that those around us can too!” This is all about living and leading with purpose and courage, stepping into fear, managing risk and being who we really are. We develop strong relationships with courageous leaders. We help them tackle tricky situations, grow into their new roles and grow their business and their people. Like our clients regularly tell us, it’s about being a different kind of consultant and coach, the kind who with courage, candour and respect has the tough conversations that help them get where they want to go.

Leaders' Kitchen Associates

The Leaders's Kitchen has a network of associates that it draws from to assemble multi-disciplinary teams that co-create with clients solutions that work. These associates include CEO level resources, engineers, coaches and other consultants that support a multi-disciplinary approach to helping our clients. These teams bring a key ingredient to help you lead: the right resources at the right time to solve the right problem and maximize the right opportunity.