Team Coaching

You are the leader of an executive, management or project team in a large or mid-sized organization.  We all know that teams exist to produce results. High performing teams produce superior results by paying attention to two interdependent dimensions:

  1. Productivity: The attributes that support the team’s ability to be productive.
  2. Positivity: The attributes that create engagement, collaboration, and resilience that support the team’s ability to be positive.


To understand your team’s current performance and to help make it a high-performing and sustainable team, contact us for a free consultation.

Team Performance Baseline Assessment

Using one of the leading comprehensive Team Diagnostic™ methodologies we can help you understand the team’s performance from the perspective of:

  1. The team leader.
  2. The team itself.
  3. The stakeholders the team serves.
  4. The organization as a whole.


We support teams to improve and sustain their overall performance.

Team Leader Effectiveness

We work one-on-one with individual team leaders to help them improve their team’s performance and implement change. This will have a definitive impact on your team’s performance.

Team Performance Improvement Plan

We help create high performing, sustainable teams. Your team members can then carry these skills into their next team. We support the team to design and implement a performance improvement plan and help you monitor results. This includes two parallel outcomes:

  1. Measurable improvement in team competencies. This team works better together and takes what they learn into every other team they are on.
  2. Measurable positive impact on business metrics for this team. This work is only justified by real business results.

Organizational Change and Transition

We work in collaboration with your senior management team with a goal to improve organizational culture and employee engagement, or to support the transition and accelerate the shift needed to transform your organization.

Team Coaching Summary

If you want your team to be more clear, focused, committed and accountable so that you get the results you need,  click here to request a free consultation.