As A CEO or Senior Leader are you:

Frustrated with the lack of clarity between your Executive Team and the management team, and hence their inability to achieve results and live corporate values?

Concerned that your inexperienced Executive or Management Team , or a specific leader, is not growing into their roles fast enough?

Worried about the success of a major change in your organization? Perhaps you are leading through a change and need support to launch and see it to fruition. Or perhaps you’ve launched the change initiative and it is stalling due to a communication and accountability breakdown. Is this weighing on you?


Executive Team & Systems Coaching is the way to real progress

Executive Team Coaching is the most effective way to finally align, execute and grow! It creates a systems and relationship view to increase team members’ learning about what is happening. This view opens up possibilities for leaders, their team and their organization. It then creates clarity and focus  around specific desired results, a path forward and really living corporate values.

You and your leaders then communicate desired results clearly and create a structure whereby your people build trust, are accountable and deliver results. 


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Mr. Don Bierens

President, DLB Consulting

See what Mr. Bierens says about The Leaders’ Kitchen Inc, Marguerite LeBlanc, strategic planning, leadership and execution.

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Mr. Patrick Padraig

See what great things Mr. Padraig has to say about Marguerite and his Leaders Kitchen experience. 


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Mr. Jean-Guy LeBlanc

Owner, Wellspring Organization Development

The benefits of business coaching with Marguerite LeBlanc of The Leaders’ Kitchen Inc., an Edmonton based organization development firm. Supporting a Saskatoon based start up.


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