With our skills in Accounting, Project Management and Coaching we support you in ways that many strategic planners can’t. Your current financial reality is your starting point. We tie this in as the foundation on which your plan sits and we support that with coaching your leaders and your teams to implement the plan.

Marguerite's Why

Growing leaders and teams so that people celebrate the awe of who they are becoming and what teams can achieve in collaboration!

How Marguerite does it

Marguerite uses a coach approach to help you simplify, breakdown the complexity and get really clear on the true results you want, individually and collectively. Marguerite considers the individual, team and business needs and develops relationships of trust to support our work together. She selects the best strategies and techniques to support your growth, the growth of your leaders and the growth of your teams and organization. And she consciously looks for people, experience and things to feel awe about, and then celebrates them!

What Marguerite Does

Marguerite supports leaders and their teams grow individually and collectively as they achieve their desired results by offering the following services.

You have a talented team of professionals, yet you are frustrated that they are not achieving desired results, implementing change as needed and growing individually and collectively. Yours could be an Executive Team, Leadership Team or Project Team. Imagine your team members combining skill sets, being collaborative and innovative and working effectively across teams. Team coaching, a form of team development, supports team members to appreciate the individual value each member contributes, combine skills sets to be innovative and lead through change to achieve desired results.

Coaching for collaboration and results engages and grows each team member, hence grows your business to stand out in the market place.

You have leaders you want to develop. Group coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the experience of the group and specific learning they may be engaged in. Although the group may or may not work together, participants are working on a common theme and have individual goals.


You or one of your leaders wants to continue to grow as a person and as a leader. You or they may have recently transitioned to a new role. Executive coaching is a trusting relationship that supports the leader to become even more self-aware, clarify desired results, take conscious action, achieve development goals and celebrate their growth. Clients say I “get” them quickly and with our relationship growing we do the serious work with kindness and fun.

You have a complex change you need to implement. Or you have a change initiative that stalled and you need to gain momentum. Or your team’s effort is spread too thin across too many projects. Marguerite has supported several mid and large sized organizations to implement strategic change initiatives, including wholesale service, structure and culture changes. Marguerite coaches your pro team to lead through the change so that it sticks and you get the results you need, including the needed culture shift.

A thriving company culture drives sustainable success. Marguerite facilitates organization value workshops because clearly defined values and associated behaviours are needed for individuals, teams and organizations to thrive. Values are the motivation for every decision and action taken. Understanding the values at play what they mean in terms of behaviour is essential to see your desired culture in action. How we do things is an invaluable differentiator with existing and prospective clients and to attract quality employees.


In either of these workshops leaders and their teams learn about their own and each other’s styles and communication preferences. Leaders leave more self- aware and with strategies adapt to the styles of their direct reports to deepen relationships and accelerate results. They have new ways to engage and develop their people and support their leader constructively. Teams benefit from better understanding their individual and collective strengths. Relationships are deepened and collaboration grows.

Services Summary

If you want your team to be more clear, focused, committed and accountable so that you get the results you need,  click here to request a free consultation.