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Marguerite coached my Dad, me and our executive team, as we transitioned from my father, the company founder, to me leading the company. My Dad and I finally had the hard conversations we’d not been able to have on our own, so that he could let go and support our transition. When she helped us our team connect values, goals, behaviours and measures, Dad began to trust even more that I would grow the company in a way that fit for him. Thank you!
Mid-size family construction business
In a time of financial distress in our company, Marguerite coached our field and head office groups to collaborate, to redefine roles and processes and to get our ERP working properly. She facilitated many challenging conversations where opinions were strong and resolution was not apparent. She got people to work together and be accountable individually and collectively. The gap between teams disappeared. Marguerite coached me as I led through this challenging transformation.
Electrical Contracting Company
President & CEO
Marguerite has demonstrated courage, patience and a remarkable ability to ask questions and communicate her observations; her approach has helped our management team to shift our thought process, have the tough conversations we needed to have and bring much needed focus. Our key leaders are now aware of the impact they have on employees, clients and partners and have shifted key behaviors. All in all, her interaction with this team was amazing to watch and be a part of.
Director of Operations
Marguerite’s presentation was one of the best we’ve had! She presented on a highly relevant topic, did so succinctly and got the audience involved. These are the highest ratings we’ve had for any speaker this year! Thank you!
Northern Alberta
Project Management Institute
We wanted to work smarter, grow the business and have a life outside of it, and position ourselves to sell in a few years. Marguerite listened attentively and we were very comfortable exploring our values and options with her. She helped us define our goals, clarify how we could better manage our business and use our time more effectively. We freed up our time as we scaled up the business and sold it a few years later. Marguerite’s coaching helped us achieve our dreams.
I am so grateful for your coaching to prepare for my interview. The presentation went really well and the phone call afterwards with the partner was also a success. Thank you again for your help. I have received an offer for the job. I am very excited!
Marguerite’s coaching helped me move from a state of shock and overwhelm in my personal life to a place where I am able to live the experiences I need to live now and into the uncertain future. She helped me see the possibilities and make key decisions about work and home that give me the time and space to be where I need to be and bring as much grace as possible to the situation. Her coaching has been key to my ability to sort through my priorities and take concrete actions during this period.
Director of Operations
Marguerite was able to have the needed crucial conversations with great interpersonal skills to help leaders shift their thinking and implement the change. She pulled the project forward and challenged the leaders just enough so that we led through the change, got traction and achieved the desired results on time. I have tremendous respect for her coaching and facilitation skills, even more so in this challenging political environment.
Academic Institution
Marguerite supported and challenged my decision-making process, particularly as it related to enabling me to think clearly and to choose our best long-range strategic path and to develop culture of accountability and caring. With Marguerite’s insightful questions my team went from scattered to decisive. Her coaching brought amazing insights. We set big goals and generated real, measurable results. Marguerite’s leadership helped us always see our greater vision and helped us to improve how we work together as a team.
Research & Development, Manufacturing