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  • Accountability & kindness
  • Relationships & Systems

Collaboration and Strategic Change Specialist

Are you stakeholders’ needs going unmet triggering a lack of trust, damaged relationships and risking your organization’s failure? Is the gap between your Executive Team and other teams preventing progress and causing you frustration? Do you have virtual teams challenged to solve complex problems with and for  stakeholders? 

Todays teams don’t need a single, powerful leader; they need agility, systems thinking and the ability to co-create measurable results in a complex, matrix and rapidly changing environment. 

Team and executive coaching are the answer. Marguerite supports you and your team(s) to have the conversations they need to have, where psychological safety, curiosity, clarity and relationships support the team’s ability to co-create results. As your team learns to have the conversations it needs to have, including asking 

each other the tough questions, the team learns to solve their own problems and solve problems with other stakeholders. 

Marguerite supports your team to learn to work together in the most effective way and integrate new team members are they change. She supports leaders and teams to align their expectations and to hold each other accountable to them.

Marguerite supports leaders and teams through change, increasing the impact they have as they implement specific projects and grow in their roles. By working with Marguerite, leaders increase personal awareness, social awareness and systems awareness in order to meet stakeholder needs effectively. With more clarity, stronger relationships and processes that work, teams have more impact and achieve desired results. And others seek to join these high-performing teams!


My expertise is in:

  • Growing Executive, Leadership and Project Management Teams that deliver on stakeholder needs
  • Leading through Change and Transition
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Connecting values and associated behaviours to leadership
  • Organizational Culture

More About Marguerite

  • Marguerite has more than two decades of coaching experience. She has led through change as a coach, consultant and Executive Leader in mid and large organizations across industries in Western and Northern Canada. She has done so by coaching teams and leaders, and by being a strong listener and influencer. She holds the following credentials that allow her to choose from a variety of approaches to best meet your needs.


  • MA Leadership, Royal Roads University (multiple change and learning models)
  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Certified Team Coach, Team Coaching International
  • Erickson Solution-Focused Coach
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • DISC Facilitator
  • Insights Discovery Facilitator
  • Conscious Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, National EFT Training Institute
  • Emotional Success Coach, National EFT Training Institute

Marguerite LeBlanc co-designed the C3 System with Linda Maul of Accountability by Design Inc. The C3 System helps leaders frame sticky conversations that increase clarity, collaboration and celebration of real results so that leaders confidently and regularly engage in these conversations with kindness, clarity and success. Marguerite uses the C3 System as one tool to help leaders generate the relationships and results they want.

Marguerite’s began her career in accounting and finance. There she was asked to recover failing projects and subsequently led strategic change initiatives. One of her teams was awarded the Best Team Award from Venture Alberta based on the results achieved and the innovative change and leadership practices developed. Marguerite was named one of the top 20 coaches in Edmonton for 2021.

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Contact: 780-257-8942

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