What does strategic management have to do with the “Leaders’ Kitchen”?


The kitchen is the epicenter of people and activity. It’s where people go to connect and produce outcomes that matter: things like fantastic food, tons of fun and great conversation. It’s also a place of simplicity; you know the saying: “As simple as the kitchen table.” It’s a place where atmosphere, achievements and simplicity matter. The kitchen is a place where success is measured by the smiles on people’s faces and the experience they’ve had. It’s also measured by the leaders’ satisfaction with the journey and results. It’s a place that requires great leadership to bring it all together and have it matter.


So as a leader then the big question is: “What’s your leadership space like?”  To answer this key question, leaders might ask themselves these top ten questions.

  1. Do you have the right people doing the right things?
  2. Does the recipe set selected (the plan) match the occasion (the opportunity/challenge)?
  3. Do you have the right ingredients (resources)?
  4. Do you have the right tools and experience (resources)?
  5. Is it time to turn up the heat?
  6. Is it time to cool it down?
  7. As a key leader, do you really connect with people?
  8. Are you and your team planning actions and achieving real results in the space you create together?
  9. How is your leadership influencing the space, culture and results?
  10. What are your measures of success?

So, our Leaders’ Kitchen will join yours to help you create the space that has you and your people growing as leaders and accomplishing great things.